19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe serves as the spiritual center for Catholics in Dallas. With 25,000 registered families, the Cathedral Shrine is recognized as the second largest cathedral congregation in the nation, second only to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, and has the largest Hispanic congregation in the country. Located in the prestigious Dallas Arts District, the Cathedral serves as a welcome to all.

Dedicated in 1902, the Cathedral is one of the finest remaining examples of High Victorian Gothic Architecture in Dallas. Maintaining such a beautiful and grand building requires continued attention and care.

For the Cathedral to continue our heritage of faith and legacy of service, this artistic and spiritually inspiring edifice is in need of restoration and renovation. The Cathedral is in need of upgrades, including repairs to the stained glass windows, roof repairs, and electrical wiring.